Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Part-Time Work: Variations on a Theme

I came across an interesting initiative out of UC Hastings called the Project for Attorney Retention [ ]. This page includes observations from attorneys who have been working part-time inside DC law firms: Their comments echoed my conversations with yesterday morning's walking group that included two doctors and a career federal employee. We compared our four very different approaches to part-time work and those of others we know and were amazed by the great variety of schemes.

So many of us are trying to define this work-life balance thing and we're coming up with unique arrangements that allow us to care for our families as well as our professional responsibilities. These options aren't perfect and aren't available to everyone, but we decided that just the act of trying now will make it easier for the next generation to achieve a better balance. At least that's what we tell ourselves! What's your story?