Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Look, New Focus

Callinan the Librarian has a new look, designed to complement the soon-to-be launched new website over at Axelroth & Associates. I joined Joan Axelroth and Mary Talley last year and have enjoyed our association enormously. Joan hired me to work at Crowell & Moring in 1985 so we go way back. Mary and I just feel like we go way back. Together we're making the world better for librarianship!

I'm enjoying our work so much that my efforts to balance life and work have taken a bit of hit. I could work all the time -- and would if I hadn't made so many other commitments. Is over-committing a valid technique to achieve work-life balance? I don't know, but this is one of the many questions I want to explore with our community. Accordingly, I'm officially shifting the focus of this blog to issues of workplace flexibility and balancing acts, how we cope now and how coping has changed in the wake of Web 2.0.

So if you're reading this post, please take a minute to answer the survey question I'm using to inaugurate this line of inquiry:

Does librarianship offer opportunities for work-life balance?

Once we have a lay of the land, we'll work through the related questions, like what works and what doesn't, what makes you crazy and what keeps you sane.

And if you do answer the survey, please spread the word to your librarian pals so they can join us in this discussion.

Off to pick up a crew of kids from basketball practice!