Wednesday, April 04, 2007

B in Balancing, D in Blogging

So . . . since my last post, I’ve been busy balancing. School started for the kids and life has been moving at warp speed ever since. I’ve:
  • helped with hours of homework,
  • organized class parties,
  • baked countless cupcakes,
  • attended soccer and basketball practices and games,
  • hosted play dates and birthday parties,
  • run a Brownie troop,
  • rehearsed for plays,
  • made spider, turkey, heart-shaped and leprechaun crafts,
  • bought gift wrap and Girl Scout cookies, and
  • dispensed doses of antibiotics and sympathy, to name a few things.

In the rest of my life, I’ve

  • attended too many funerals of friends’ parents,
  • buried my own dear aunt,
  • spent too many hours in grocery stores, traffic jams and my kitchen,
  • raked mountains of leaves and shoveled inches of snow,
  • celebrated holidays and birthdays and reunions,
  • caught up with old friends and made some new ones, and
  • nearly stopped writing “to do” lists because, more often than not, they were meaningless.

In my spare time, I’ve written several professional articles, tackled a few consulting projects, delivered training programs, attended many meetings, and nearly finished my spring course at Georgetown. In all, I think I’ve earned a B in balancing.

Unfortunately, this blog was a causality of all that balancing, despite my nearly daily ideas to share on this subject. My spring (who had time in January for resolutions?) resolution is to get serious about posting, even if it’s just a few sentences every week or so. I’ve heard from a number of people who have been watching this blog and waiting patiently for posts, and their encouragement inspires me. The pediatric dentist awaits our visit so I’m off for now . . . but I will return soon.