Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Scant Research on Work Life Balance

The Career Journal, the executive career site of the Wall Street Journal, has released its 2006 Best Careers report, which identifies eight careers that offer high job satistfaction. The top attributes of winning careers include:
  • Good intellectual stimulation;
  • Strong job security;
  • High level of control and freedom in what to do;
  • Extensive direct contact with customers/clients.

Think librarianship rates inclusion? Join a discussion on the topic.

In a subset of the report, Career Journal editors list careers by the qualities that matter most to employees, such as autonomy and work-life balance. According to the editors, there is insufficient research on careers that offer a work-life balance to recommend any one in particular, however, they do advise avoiding law firms. Carol Evans, founder and chief executive officer of Working Mother Media Inc., says few law firms have made her "Working Mother" annual list of best employers because, "They don't have the policies in place, they don't do the work, and they stop trying after a while." Ouch!